Monday, March 30, 2009

For Sake of Argument

Although I have a love-hate relationship with Top (insert number here) lists, this one from Den of Geek listing the Top 50 Special FX shots in film history is interesting, although it excludes “Close Encounters of The Third Kind.”

For my two cents, among the films listed I’d post “2001” at the top, perhaps because it’s the only film I know which actually depicts space as a noiseless environment, unlike “Star Wars” and countless other sci-fi features which I realize uses the deep rumble of a passing starship purely for drama’s sake.

I was also pleased to see “Dragonslayer” on the list, which I still think holds up as great fantasy and the most realistic depiction of a fire-breather to date – although I’ll be intrigued to see what Weta comes up with for Smaug in its production of “The Hobbit.”

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