Monday, November 30, 2009

Kirk Was Wrong

Contrary to James T. Kirk's famous statement in "Wrath of Khan," I do believe in the no-win scenario. And unfortunately, Barack Obama is stuck in the middle of one with his Afghanistan policy.

On one hand, conservatives who wailed at Obama’s hesitation to immediately give Gen. McCrystal the 40,000 additional US troops he requested earlier this year are now—as Obama is on the cusp of giving him 30K—the same parties cynically bitching over the war’s cost and duration with various Democrats.

In one respect, I don’t have much sympathy for Obama’s position as he wanted the big shoes, and now has them. Yet by the same token, following an American presidency that was arguably the worst of the past century is a job I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Sorry, Jim. I like your talk show, but you’re wrong on this one.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Word To The Not-So-Wise

Dear Iranian Leadership:

If you idiots want your military installations to be attacked by Israel and/or the U.S., please keep pulling dumb, confrontational crap like the following.

Then watch no one come running to your aid, least of all the very Iranian people your thug militias go after for acting in protests for greater freedoms.



Adieu To Muggs?

Word has it that Hasbro is discontinuing their waves of “Star Wars” Mighty Muggs, reportedly because only collectors are buying them, and the toys have not caught on with the general public. Last year, Hasbro discontinued their line of Indiana Jones and Transformers Muggs as well, plus vendors like Target and Wal-Mart dropped all Muggs from their inventory (yet they are still available at

However, there is word that Marvel Muggs are still in production, with some new editions (e.g. Deadpool, War Machine, Spidey with removable mask, Iceman, Magneto, Green Goblin) allegedly due for release in 2010.

But who knows? At this point, nothing seems set in stone.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

9-11, Schmine Eleven.

Wherein the “Lying Sack of Cute” again proves Dick Cheney’s credo that the reality of one’s own mind can trump reality itself if you want to believe it bad enough.

UPDATE (5:34PM): Commence backpedaling. But sadly, Perino is still wrong in claiming that no terrorist attacks occurred on US soil post-9/11 during the Bush years.

Remember this?