Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Tiny Tent

In yet another example of Republicans eating their own, I found the following clip on the Colorado Independent this week about Ann Coulter recently facing a backlash from conservatives even more extreme than she is for having backed Mitt Romney’s presidential bid last year.


Because Romney was pro-choice on abortion until an election year epiphany turned him pro-life, and while governor of Massachusetts was open to gay-friendly initiatives.

Truly, while I enjoy seeing Coulter kvetch (and her book sales continue to plummet) in any forum, she has every right to support any candidate she wants (even David Duke) without having to apologize for it. However, by the same token, listening to Coulter complain that Romney’s critics are too far right is hilariously ironic.

Yet this internal sniping is just one more sign of a shattered conservative base which cannot tolerate divergent opinions, nor stray from a right-hard stance without fear of making Baby Jesus cry.

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