Friday, January 29, 2010


Whomever James O’Keefe’s attorney is, they should drop him for his inability to keep his mouth shut while under Federal investigation. Never a smart move, no matter how one’s politics run.

As for O’Keefe’s claim that he was pulling an undercover stunt (a la ACORN) to allegedly verify whether Sen. Mary Landrieu’s phones were overloaded or not, walking onto government property with electronic devices under false pretenses in this age of high security is unbelievably stupid.

And though I seriously doubt that O’Keefe and his Scooby Gang will get the maximum penalty in this case (ten years in prison, $250K fine), through their brilliant leader’s inability to stop talking—albeit under his mom and dad’s own roof--a conviction (and legal slap on the wrist) on some charge is all but a lock.

And by the bye? Jimmy? You’re not an “investigative journalist.”

At best, you’re no better than one of Bill O’Reilly’s hare-brained producers which he sends to stalk Bill Moyers or Amanda Terkel while she's on vacation.

Shotgun Wedding

Barack Obama’s choice to address the House GOP caucus in Maryland today was not only brilliant politics, but great strategy toward forcing the Republicans out of the obstructionist mode they are clinging to. In fact, IMO, Obama should entrench himself so intimately into the GOP’s House and Senate gangs that they begin to suspect he might switch parties.

Put the onus of action on them.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


During his 12 years as Mayor of Lisle, Illinois, my late father once told me that a common mistake many pols make is not making a decision for fear of angering someone because no matter what decision you finally make rest assured that somebody will be pissed off.

IMO, this is a problem that Barack Obama faces at tonight’s SOTU address.

As the economy and job growth remain stagnant, it seems everyone has a master plan to solve the problem. But ultimately, the future of US economic policy is Obama’s to drive, and God knows whatever call he finally makes will rankle someone – or a group of someones who think they know better.

Thus, no matter what he decides upon in terms of plans for economic renewal (e.g. tax cuts, spending freezes, etc) make a call and go with it one-hundred percent. To do otherwise, is to waste everyone's time.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Once again, we can all count on Captain Limpdick to shine a light of bullshit on yesterday’s abysmal Supreme Court decision:

There is no precedent for advantaging certain corporations and disadvantaging others respecting speech. Speech is speech. There's the First Amendment. It doesn't matter how much money you have or how big you are, there is no restriction permitted on it.

No, Rush. Speech is not speech when it is connected to vast corporate treasuries that 99.99% of ordinary Americans could never match.

Are you familiar at all with the term “quid pro quo”?

As in, “Gee, Mr. Candidate. We’d love it if you could quash this pesky environmental regulation that’s blocking our ability to mine for gold with arsenic – never mind that the run-off could seep into the local town’s water table, and poison area rivers. But on a completely unrelated subject (wink-wink) we’d be happy to provide you a fully-paid infomercial backing your candidacy which will air in these major US markets.”

I’d like to think that even Limbaugh isn’t dumb enough to fail to recognize the exchange of goods occurring in the above example. But then again, drugs can do a lot to warp one’s sensibilities.