Monday, March 2, 2009

Burn Baby Burn

Tonight on Countdown, in an interview between Keith Olbermann and Nation editor Chris Hayes, the latter raised an interesting comparison between (of all things) “The Dark Knight” and arch-conservatives who—some might say desperately--want Barack Obama’s fiscal policies to fail solely to score political points, never minding that were such a failure to occur that the nation’s economic woes would likely worsen, and the suffering of Americans struggling to hold onto jobs and households continue to drag out.

Specifically, citing New York Times columnist David Brooks’ use of the term “economic nihilism” to describe this idea, Mr. Hayes compared it to Heath Ledger’s Joker torching a huge pyramid of cash to “send a message” – never minding that destroying the millions that he and his gang had stolen is utterly self-defeating.

I thought Hayes’ comparison was pretty brilliant, not to mention dead on.

To these arch-conservatives, reclaiming political power and all its rewards (e.g. junket golf trips, hookers, free parking, et al.) means more than the quality of their fellow citizens' lives.

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