Sunday, March 1, 2009


Over on You Tube, I’ve watched a few snippets of Rush Limbaugh’s keynote address to this weekend’s CPAC in Washington, and as usual my conclusions are pretty much the same as they’ve always been about the Drugster.

For one, he is extremely gifted at making talking out of one’s anus seem profound.

Secondly, how challenging is it to preach to one’s own choir? After all, when’s the last time anyone ever saw Limbaugh speak to a crowd that wasn’t already predisposed to fall on their knees for him?

And thirdly, Limbaugh's typical answer for everything is saying “Vote for Republicans; we’ll solve everyone’s problems” while omitting the brilliantly successful past eight years of GOP rule and beyond.

This said, I’m certain that those in attendance at CPAC following Limbaugh’s speech—which I’m sure he was happy to deliver for no charge—were walking on white, rarefied air after leaving the auditorium that evening – that is, before they again realized that their party has nothing to offer the country at this time.

PS: By the bye, if you watch Limbaugh’s entire speech, the part that made me question his grip on reality (more than usual) was when Rush described last November’s landslide defeat at the national polls as, well, not a landslide at all – which is like saying the Titanic didn’t sink in two shattered pieces, but instead majestically slipped beneath the waves because it wanted to.


Kate said...

I love this blog - just recently found it. Excellent work. Especially this piece about Limbaugh, horrible little man that he is.

CHV said...

Thanks very much.