Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mediocrity On The March

This week, while guest-hosting for Laura Ingraham’s radio something-or-another Tammy "Amalgam" Bruce (so named for her station as a self-professed gay, right-wing feminist pundit) lashed out at Michelle Obama, which there is nothing wrong with on its face.

Anyone can criticize the First Lady if they like.

However, beyond having the delightful class in calling the Obama Family “trash,” Ms. Bruce goes onto mock Michelle Obama for (swear to Christ) getting good grades as a kid as The First Lady—using her own childhood as an example--urged a group of DC school kids to do on a classroom visit.

Rock on, Tammy. There’s nothing more commie-loving or elitist than getting good grades, and taking one’s education seriously.

I mean, who do kids today think they are?

Reading and writing…pah!

Everyone knows that “true” Americans are illiterate, which explains a helluva lot about Ms. Bruce’s point of view.

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