Friday, March 27, 2009


Right off, I hope these rumors of a Three Stooges feature are just that, especially as the Stooges always worked better in one-reel shorts than movies.

Yet recent casting stories are intriguing: I can see Sean Penn as Larry, but Jim Carrey as Curly? Even in a fat suit, he’s too tall for the role. Instead, I’d go with Michael Chiklis, who played a great Curly in the 2000 Stooges biopic. As for Moe, may I suggest Bobby Deniro? He’d be perfect, and to those who say DeNiro would never take the role as it would be below his artistic station, I have six words “The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle.”

But who would be a primary audience for a Stooges feature (not women), and in what time period would it be set? Modern day (bad idea), or the 1940s?

And what about the physical gags?

Would the Stooges abusing each other on the big screen trigger an outcry from parents who (rightfully) may fear their kids would imitate such behavior at home (prompting a PG-13 rating), or are audiences so blasé about on-screen violence today that Moe belting Curly in the puss with a whip-saw would barely be noticed?

Either way, I sincerely hope this project dies on the vine. I just don’t see much worth in the idea.

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