Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Answers for Everything, Solutions for Nothing

There’s no question that the US economy has painfully slogged through the mud for the past two years, and that the policies of George W. Bush and the GOP Congress played a chief role in enabling the slide into deep recession.

That said, is it possible that conservatives (like S.E. Cupp) learned nothing from the recession in that most all are yet again calling for the right wing’s end-all, be-all of fiscal remedies (e.g. massive tax cuts) despite that such cuts would jack up the Federal deficit (the same one the GOP keeps bitching is too high) even further than its current historic levels?

Tax cuts are fine, but they are not a magic bullet for any economy. Like it or not, it’s going to take time for us to rise out for the fiscal ruin of the past 24 months, and despite what Fox bobbleheads like Ms. Cupp and Stuart Varney think, there are no fucking shortcuts to the other side.

Oh, and Stu: You might want to note every time you trumpet the wisdom of Ronald Reagan having cut taxes during his administration that he also signed off on three Federal tax hikes. Savvy?

Today’s Republican Party – Favored by two out of three shrill, East Coast
white chicks who went to Cornell

Political Viagra

Once again, the GOP and its lackeys prove they have nothing positive to offer the country if this is the best they can offer their base.

Have these dopes (e.g. Limbaugh) bothered to read the constitution they like to wave around so much, as even if the GOP wins huge majorities in the '10 off-year elections—which is unlikely—any bill they pass repealing an Obama-led healthcare plan can be quickly vetoed by said POTUS?

Does the GOP have any bullets in its gun? Much less any original ideas? Any?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Then What?

Last week, the Drugster continued his latest cry for US forces to bomb Iran, and its nuclear enrichment facilities – which on its face, considering that nearly the entire world is united against the friendless Iranian government, doesn’t seem so unreasonable.

That is, until we ask what Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney utterly failed to in the run-up to the Iraq War: “Then what”? Meaning that for the US to launch an arbitrary attack on Iran’s nuclear sites—provided Israel and its very hawkish PM Benjamin Netanyahu don’t beat us to it—there must be not only one follow-up plan, but several - as once an attack scenario began, it would be impossible to unring the bell.

Secondly, Iran’s military fortifications are far better hidden than was Iraq’s in 2002, making even a surgical-style, in-and-out hit difficult for US forces to pull off by remote (e.g. cruise missiles), plus almost certainly drive away Iran’s representatives from any bargaining table to reduce its nuclear arsenal.

So in essence, while it’s ridiculously easy for armchair hawks like Limbaugh to shout “Bomb Iran” (considering it’s not his fat ass in uniform), the actual execution and aftermath of such an attack would be anything but simple for the US – especially if Iran’s leadership were to then accuse Israel of co-sponsoring such an attack, and retaliate against it, risking the outbreak of a much larger regional Mideast conflict.

Not that kneejerk, bomb-em-all simpletons like Rush Limbaugh consider such possible outcomes before banging their war drums.