Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Ahead

The more I see President Obama unearthing the hundreds of legal skeletons his predecessor left buried with the help of his yes-men at DOJ (e.g Gonzales, Yu, Schlozzmann, Mukasey, etc.), the more I see George W. Bush’s presidential legacy plummeting into the Marianas Trench of history never to see the sun again.

And on the same topic of light being brought to bear on old things, let’s hear it for the return of science to the White House, or rather a view of it that doesn’t involve drilling holes into cancer patients’ heads to release the evil spirits.

Finally, in a Republican Party that is currently eating itself alive, if Meaghan McCain is the future of the GOP that’s good with me – not so much for her knocking the tawdry theatrics of conservatives like Ann Coulter, but because unlike 98% of people in American politics, Miss McCain is capable of speaking like a rational adult.

God help her once Fox News hears about it.

Elitist! Socialist! Baby killer!

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