Wednesday, April 15, 2009


In a spray of so-called Tea Parties held across the U.S., and heavily promoted by Fox News, today it’s difficult to measure exactly what these protestors are in a snit over.

If it’s Federal taxes, the only ones hiked thus far under Obama are on cigarettes to help fund S-CHIP programs for kids. Otherwise, as Obama has stated a million times now, the only people due a further tax increase are those earning over $250K per year when the temporary tax cuts rendered under Bush sunsets in 2010.

If it’s the size of government, thank the previous administration for exploding it to Biblical proportions.

If it’s Federal spending, see above and also “War, Iraq.”

Ultimately, though I have no issues with people using their First Amendment rights—even morons who parrot terms like “fascism” without the slightest idea what it means—these hoe-downs seem like little else but excuses for (mostly) right-wingers to vent their frustrations for their party flopping last November, and showing few signs of recovery today. Otherwise, I don’t see their larger point other than pretending that it’s the 18th century, and the Stamp Act is still in force – a favorite delusion of many Republicans.

For fun, maybe we should also bring back old colonial chestnuts like cholera, slavery, and witch-burning.


I'll take two lumps with my unfocused populist outrage....

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