Monday, April 27, 2009

Deja Vu All Over Again

Had a relatively brief interview today in a bid to remain in my current job post a pending restructuring due to wrap up this Friday.

The good news is that I did well, and left my interviewers (both of whom I'd never met) with a positive feeling. The bad news, however, is after I returned to my desk and began filtering through my instincts, the more I felt that I would not be among the survivors of these pending job cuts. The reason why is my five co-workers--all of whom (plus myself) are fighting for four jobs, leaving two on the outs--all have more seniority than me in the company. And not by a little, by a lot. So reason suggests the powers-that-be would want to retain folks who know their way around their plumbing the most.

This said, I still give myself an inside chance (or longshot) to beat the odds, as the position I am truly shooting for differs from that which my peers are.

I should know my status tomorrow, but am assuming I'll be out this Friday. I've even packed my things in preparation, so I can make an exit that is not drawn out. I dislike leaving most jobs, but when I do so, I like to get it over with quickly.

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