Friday, April 10, 2009


After seeing the 1981 cult classic Flash Gordon for the first time in a while last weekend, I got to wondering…what does the actor who played Ming’s Darth Vader-like flunky Klytus look like unmasked?

Well, here you go…

This is actor Peter Wyndgarde circa the 1970s (thus, the copious mutton chops) whose dramatic resume includes the ghost Quint in The Innocents (1961), and several spy-themed TV series such as Jason King, The Avengers, and The Prisoner.

Mr. Wyndgarde—who is openly gay--shared a long-term relationship with actor Alan Bates, and was also the inspiration for both Jason Wyndgarde of The Hellfire Club (vis-Ă -vis Chris Claremont’s “X-Men” storyline of the early ‘80s), and Austin Powers.

But to me, he’ll always be this guy.

"Bring me the bore worms"

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