Monday, April 20, 2009

Coming Down

As the GOP leadership and its media apologists continue to search for a central message other than “See that thing Obama just did? We’d do the opposite!”, I was reminded of a sad scene toward the conclusion of Tim Burton’s 1994 film Ed Wood, wherein Bela Lugosi (as played by Martin Landau) is tied to a bed, screaming through withdrawal pains while coming off a longtime addiction to morphine.

The reason why this scene came to mind regarding the current state of the Republican Party is because power—be it political or other—is as potent a drug as any. Hell, just ask Dick Morris' hookers of yore.

And after enjoying near-exclusive power for many years under George W. Bush in all three branches of government, the party’s often bizarre responses to Obama’s first 100 days in office (e.g. “How dare he shake hands with Hugo Chavez! Commie lover!”) seem as desperate and painful as a junkie going cold turkey.


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