Thursday, April 2, 2009


If human stupidity were weather phenomena, those backing the following story would qualify as a tornado the size of Amarillo, Texas.

Nevertheless, there are apparently still individuals out there who still believe the political urban myth that Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii, and is therefore ineligible under the constitution to be president. This, as if those clinging to this delusion are going to suddenly produce secret evidence proving that Obama was born in Africa, invalidating his presidency, and sending him back home to Chicago in disgrace.

Not surprisingly, this whole story was debunked long ago.

Yet even after even the desperate loons at WorldNutDaily came to grips with the Obama birth certificate conspiracy being a hoax last year, they have apparently hopped back upon said crazy train by citing with frantic breath the work of a "citizen's grand jury" in Georgia determined to beat this Obama-is-not-a-citizen dead horse into a fine, muddy paste.

Never mind that there is no such thing as a "citizen's grand jury." Just consider this august body's legal precedent: the Magna Carta. That's right, an English document dating back to the 13th century, 561 years before the United States was even founded as a nation.

How can anyone be this brain dead?

Well, bear in mind that there are supposedly educated people out there who still believe the Apollo moon landings were faked on a Hollywood soundstage. And if someone is stupid enough to believe that, they’re stupid enough to believe anything.

But by the bye, if anyone wants to meet the engineers of this grand crusade in American freedom, waddle on down to the Nob Creek Machine Gun Shoot in Kentucky this weekend (swear to God) for further evidence during which attendees will be free to marry their sisters, and eat fresh-fried raccoon fritters.

Hat Tip: DFTCW.

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