Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The question is eternal: which classic villain does Dick Cheney evoke the strongest?

I keep coming back to a cross between Darth Sidious and Col. Nathan Jessup from "A Few Good Men." However, as the following poster so keenly notes at New York Magazine:

Cheney doesn't measure up to the truly classic villains. The Sith Lords engaged in duels against the Jedi and planned their wars reasonably well until Vader got guilt-tripped by his long lost son.

On the other hand, Cheney is a coward, and genuinely stupid and incompetent with his fiendish plans. He's more like the movie version of Lex Luthor (played by Gene Hackman) and that makes Bush -fittingly enough- Otis (Ned Beatty). If Cheney had a sense of humor, he could have made a pretty good Dr. Evil with Bush as Mini-Me. But now he must languish somewhere between Team Rocket and Roger Moore-era Bond villains among the most pathetic baddies of all time.

Wow, I couldn’t have put that better if I tried. Bravo, sir.

Hat Tip: Andrew Sullivan.

"My young apprentice, you can't handle the truth..."

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