Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Very Brief Review: "Twilight"

After watching last night's hockey game at Mark and Jo's place, I expressed interest in borrowing Jo's DVD of "Twilight" so I could finally see what all the hub-bub was about. However, as she was loathe to allow said DVD out of her sight for longer than five seconds without going into acute Edward withdrawal, I was talked into seeing the film after the game.

As such, while "Twilight" makes the best of its misty environment, I can see why it drives teen girls (in addition to 30-something year-old women, I'm told) ga-ga, but otherwise I found it pretty silly from an adult straight male perspective. And this is coming from a longtime "Buffy" fan who has no problem with others putting a modern spin on classic vampire myths.

I wish "Twilight" author Stephanie Meyer all the best with her franchise. She has captured sexual lightning in a bottle for girls, which is truly a force to behold. I just wouldn't bank on many fans with Y-chromosomes being able to relate to Ms. Meyer's product, much less the films it is based upon.

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