Monday, April 30, 2007

Before I Pack Up & Drive To The Airport

Was cruising a few of my favorite blogs today before heading east, and ran across a reference to the following on Colleen Doran’s ADS site.

The piece is in regards to a current dust-up between a fine, upstanding individual named Todd Goldman, owner of a t-shirt company called David & Goliath, and claims of his allegedly (we all love that word, don’t we?) co-opting work by other artists for his own t-shirt designs, while pocketing the profit to the tune of $90M.

But wait! It gets better! Late last week, Goldman allegedly instructed his attorneys to send angry, cease & desist e-mails to several blogs which have allegedly attacked his actions, leading many to spinelessly (and allegedly) back down and withdraw any articles allegedly casting Goldman in an allegedly unfavorable light.

Anyhow, click here on News-o-rama, and here for all the gory details. Feel free to click here as well for a novel shirt design noted below.

Image (c) 2007 by Huzzah Goods

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