Monday, April 23, 2007

Update: Fred Phelps & Virginia Tech

Out of the goodness of his heart, Kansas-based hate monger Fred Phelps announced this past weekend on his website (I refuse to post a link here, but you can Google it) that he no longer plans to picket the funerals of students killed in last week’s incident at Virginia Tech.

The reason why is, as a sort of olive branch, radio host Mike Gallagher has offered to provide Phelps three hours of free airtime to share his insane rants in exchange for a promise not to darken VT’s campus – an offer Phelps has now accepted.

I seem to recall Phelps pulling a similar stunt last year, and since it worked then, I expect him to exploit future tragedies in this way. As such, I think Gallagher placating Phelps’ insanity is a big mistake.

If Phelps wants to isolate himself further from the human race, I say let him do it, and allow the Patriot Guard Riders keep his family mob (of which two wee members may be seen below, God help them) at bay.

Giving into glorified extortion scams as an alternative is, IMO, never the answer.

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