Friday, April 13, 2007

News Flash: It’s Hard To Fight Evolution

I saw the following headline on CNN this afternoon, and just had to smirk: Study – Abstinence Programs No Guarantee.

Now frankly, I don’t care what anyone does in a bedroom (or backseat, or nightclub bathroom, or construction site, et al.) provided it doesn’t involve rape, abuse, or molestation.

Yet despite the religious right’s desperate hold onto to America’s old Puritanical roots, I can’t help but feel amused that many of their anti-sex programs (particularly those aimed at teens, using ham-fisted scare tactics claiming that having sex out of marriage will lead to disease, hellfire, etc) are floundering badly, particularly those ministries offering “second-chance virginity.”

The suggestion is so stupid I can’t even make fun of it well.

But though I feel that being a slave to one’s loins is never wise, I guess it all proves you just can’t fight Darwin, can you?

"Do I make you randy, baby? Do I?"

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