Monday, April 30, 2007

In Which I Head East

I’ll be out the next few days visiting Washington DC and Baltimore.

At the former, I’d normally be hanging with my friend Sam, but he’ll be traveling himself. So I’ll have to scout my own distractions in our nation’s capital, one being trucking to Georgetown to catch “Spider-Man 3” on Friday before moving onto Fells Point for a tour led by author/friend Troy Taylor.

The "Exorcist Stairs" in Georgetown which I plan to
hurl myself down...y'know, just for fun

For those unaware, Fells Point is a gentrified part of Baltimore Harbor sporting pubs with surly names (Wharf Rat, Cat’s Eye, The Horse You Rode in On), an excellent music store (The Sound Garden), and locations used for all seasons of “Homicide: LOTS”

I also recommend the fish & chips at Kooper’s on Thames Avenue.

My other time in Charm City will touch on sites missed during my last trip east, including Camden Yards, which I couldn’t get inside as the Orioles’ regular season had not yet begun. This time, however, I scored a bleacher ticket (May 6th vs. Cleveland) as soon as I secured my new travel dates. I’m not really an O’s fan, mind you. But I’ve wanted to see their luscious ballpark since it opened in ‘92.

I’ll also re-visit Atomic Books (close to Johns Hopkins U), which features a fine selection of psychotronic DVDs, and stop by the Maryland SPCA to make a donation.

Anyhow, I’ll take a few digital shots cataloguing my east coast adventures to post here at the Church.

Until then, pray hard.

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