Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Crazy Chicks, Part I

Tony Stark helps spread the Good News

I’ve always known that fundamentalist Christians were insane, but it takes reading Jack Chick comics to realize just how insane some are.

To those unaware, Chick comics have been around for decades, peddling such bizarre fiction as the Earth being less than 10,000 years old, or that humans and dinosaurs co-existed a la “The Flintstones.”

If some people want to believe that, I honestly don’t care.

It’s when Chickies peddle crap like gays “recruiting” kids, or the Alberto series (a slam against Catholics by calling them non-Christian) where I feel they cross a line between amusing and downright evil.

To my own memory, the first time I encountered a Chick comic was at my grandmother’s house, and the story involved Satan (curiously dressed like Ming The Merciless) seducing a boy into an anti-Christian version of the Hitler Youth. I can’t recall how the story ended, but rest assured that God prevailed, and His unbelievers were cast into a lake of fire.

Sure, if nothing else, Chick comics are good for a laugh - if not the occasional shiver. But don’t forget it’s largely these morons we have to thank for putting George W. Bush into office.

Note: Notice how in the hilarious example above, the word "gay" is capitalized by the Chick editor. The only reason I can figure for this is that Chick wants to differentiate "gay" as slang (in its current usage) versus the word to indicate "happy" or "joyous" because, y'know, they're taking that word back from Harvey Firestein.

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