Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Billy Show: A Brief Recap

At last night’s Billy Joel show—which rocked, by the bye—it struck me that thoughtless morons can truly manifest anywhere – not just movie theatres.

Case in point: the two moronic girls behind me who felt compelled to loudly comment (because you can’t let a concert get in the way of a good conversation) on the lighting rigs suspended above the stage.

Fortunately, they shut up soon after less had they experienced an unforgettable free fall off the balcony courtesy of me.

Otherwise, I was pretty happy.

Despite some hiccups with the sound system, The Billy Show was terrific, and considering the deep well of available songs, easily could have gone longer than the 130 minutes (plus two encores) it did.

But no matter. I got my money’s worth.

This isn't my actual ticket (mine was a damned computer print-out),
but it's a close facsimile of what I would have gotten to keep as a souvenir

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