Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Big Recap

Wow, I am both sunburned and well-rested; always a nice combination after coming off a vacation.

But here’s the rough breakdown of my activities out east: got in early on Thursday AM, observed lazy pandas at the National Zoo (I was told they’d dance for nickels or bamboo; an obvious lie by zoo staffers), toured the Capitol Rotunda (lavish, cluttered with statuary), had a nice dinner at Legal Sea Foods back in Virginia (nummy chow-dah), and happily crashed at my hotel.

Next day (this is Friday, stay with me now), I navigated up to Georgetown where I killed time at the GW Campus (very pleasant), and later met a cool local couple (B.J. & Sarah) who educated me on the horrors of Beltway-area real estate prices (as in $850K for a studio-style condo) before I checked out “Spidey 3” (fun, way too many sub-plots) at noonish.

Then drove up to Charm City where I sampled some genuine grog at the Admiral Fell Inn (tasted like weak cough syrup – pah!), got a second tattoo at the Baltimore Tattoo Museum on Eastern Avenue (thanks Dave), had dinner at Kooper’s (where I met a friendly Red Sox fan), and followed a neighborhood tour by local ghost-hunter Vince Wilson after dark.

The rest of the trip, capped off with a game at Camden Yards where I sat beside a cute, geeky Jersey girl named Kristen (who shared with me her devotion for all things Superman, and Cleveland Indians LF Jason Michaels), went as smoothly as I could ever ask.

I'll try to post my digital shots here soon.

It’s nice to be home, but I’m already looking forward to the big Comic Con in July out west.

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