Friday, April 20, 2007

Work Ethics

Although one intent of this blog is to provide myself a fun outlet that keeps my writing skills a tad sharper, plus allow me a soapbox for babbling to total strangers to boot, filing daily posts to the Church is not my primary goal here.

Rather, it’s to use this blog (in part) to post updates on my larger writing projects, being in the mode of graphic novels. So what’s the latest? The good news is that I have a cogent draft for “Project One” well in development, based on a concept that slow-cooked in my brainpan for six years before I finally began writing last summer. So after a brief proposal for “Project One” was finished, I submitted it to a New York publisher from whom I finally heard solid feedback this March.

The verdict?

Good start. Consider my (enclosed) feedback, keep working it, and get back to me with a full manuscript” – which is arguably a far better reply to receive from an editor than the age-old standby: “Go away, kid. Ya bother me.”

However, since this promising reply, “Project One” has gone untouched since I’ve been distracted by other matters (Writer’s Block, thankfully, is not an issue).

But considering that this past week, three brand-new story concepts (let’s call them: “Project Two,” “Project Three,” “Project Four”) popped into my head, all of which I believe are viable, I have to start winnowing stuff down, and get working on plot and character development.

It’s my hope that I will use the Church to keep you updated on my current and future projects. But I think after “Project One” is finally uploaded—hopefully by 2008—that tackling successive stories will be a little easier.

In the meantime, feel free to continue checking out my other random thoughts here on a semi-daily basis.

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