Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hold Onto Your Nacho Hat

Recently, some friends and I took part in a cultural experience I learned about last year called “Smut & Eggs.”

For those who live outside Chicago, “S&E” is a weekly event a so-called “family-friendly biker bar” called Twisted Spoke, an otherwise standard watering hole dressed with Harley-themed décor. What makes it “family-friendly,” I suppose, is that the Spoke also serves brunch.

Anyway, to the meaty details: for “S&E,” (adult) participants gather in a small room—whose windows are taped over with black plastic—mulling over breakfast while one overhead TV plays an array of stag flicks, and another ironically plays Jerry Springer reruns aired on a local station.

Now normally, eating and watching x-flicks would seem dangerously opposed activities, especially for those who like keeping their food down during close-ups. God knows, I spent the bulk of my meal engaging my pals instead of the “other” entertainment. But like anything, when balanced wisely, the raunch is not an issue (for queasy stomachs). Besides, it was 2AM, I was hungry, and I’d heard decent things about the Spoke’s menu. So amidst the digitized grinding, I opted for French toast (dipped in a tasty batter of vanilla, cinnamon, and orange liqueur), while Brad had breakfast tacos, and Bruce a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon.

For his part, Mike skipped breakfast (never a wise move), and instead took in the room’s odd atmosphere, which soon devolved into a bawdy version of “MST3K” with much frivolity. Interestingly, I also noticed how many women were at “S&E,” again busting the myth that x-flicks are an exclusively male diversion.

Needless to say, an amusing time was had by all, the evening’s only real downside being the Spoke’s high menu prices.

Come on, four bucks for a fresh OJ is ridiculous. Good, yes. But ridiculous.

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