Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oh, So You're Back Now?

After eight long months, tonight heralds the first new episode of “Lost” to hit TV.

As last season ended on a strong note, I’ll be checking it out to see what happens.

Although doing so will be somewhat masochistic as, due to the current WGA strike, any new story arcs established tonight may not be tied up for another eight months (or longer).


PS: Well, tonight’s “Lost” premiere did not disappoint, making ample use of Hurley’s flash-forwards which—among other things—had him involved in a car chase, and a trip back to Crazy Town. Then back on the island, Hugo encountered Jacob’s House of Ultimate Mystery before leaving with half the Losties led by Locke, who insists the rescue party off-shore has no intention of rescuing anyone.

The night’s biggest highlight for me, though? Seeing Rousseau cold-cock a tied-up Ben for calling Alex his daughter.

Finally, during one commercial break tonight I was intrigued to see a preview for Oprah Winfrey’s attempt at a reality game show called “Oprah’s Big Give” (because, y’know, she can hardly be involved with any project without her name branded in the title) – involving a group of folks who are given a stack of cash, and must donate it to various groups.

The hook?

The most charitable person in Oprah’s eyes gets a surprise award of one million dollars.

Wait a second. Haven’t I seen this plot someplace before?

Oh, yeah. It was a Richard Pryor movie called “Brewster’s Millions.”

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