Friday, February 1, 2008

And The Worm Goes To....

I put it to you, dear reader: could the fuckers who strapped two mentally retarded Iraqi women down with explosives, and sent them into a crowded Baghdad marketplace to act as human bombs today (killing roughly 98, and injuring 200) possibly be any more cowardly and reprehensible?

Considering this is not a rhetorical question, the answer is yes.

And in honor of the same reprehensible fuckers who pulled this off I want to give them an early nod for what will become an annual award here at the Church: The Golden Tapeworm, which will heretofore be granted to the person who commits the most striking act of cowardice during the calendar year.

I’ll even start off by naming our 2007 winner, which to regular attendees of the Church should be no surprise: former “Human Events” columnist Nathanael Blake who from the safety of his keyboard last April claimed that male Virginia Tech students who ducked for cover after shooter Sueng-Hui Cho began spraying Norris Hall with gunfire were less than manly, and should have rushed the assailant.

Even worse, young Mr. Blake responded to criticism of his original column (from both liberals and conservatives) by reaffirming his argument while offering the meekest of apologies to anyone hurt by his earlier position.

Congratulations, boy! You can pick up your award at Morty's office!

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