Tuesday, May 5, 2009


In all fairness, rumors about Brett Favre wanting to unretire from the NFL for a second comeback are so far just that – baseless rumors.

However, such whispers are claiming that Favre is pining to again return to football to exact "revenge" against Green Bay sticking to their guns last summer, and going ahead with QB Aaron Rodgers. Or in other words, Green Bay took Favre at his word when he first announced he was retiring from football in early ‘08, moved on, and wouldn’t kow-tow to Favre childishly changing his mind at the last minute just as Packers camp was to begin with Rodgers as their man.

Yes, Favre wanted his binkie back, but the Packers replied by giving him a time-out followed by his outright release from the team – after which Favre signed with the New York Jets for one season, and retired again in 2009.

Now after the Jets in-turn released him from his contract last week, Favre allegedly wants back in the NFL again to play for Green Bay’s division rival, the Minnesota Vikings, specifically so he can take his frustrations out on the team that refused to play his moronic head games.

Because, y’know, it’s all about Brett.

Here's the deal: if any of the above rumors about Favre wanting his "revenge" on Green Bay via a Minnesota comeback are in fact true, he is the most selfish, most self-involved player in modern NFL history.

And if the Vikings are dumb enough to sign him—even for one year—I will make a point to become a Packers fan for two games this coming season in the hopes that they destroy Minnesota with Favre as their QB. Even better, I’ll also become a fan of whichever opponent the Vikings are playing from week-to-week, and pull for their humiliating defeat.

Remember, there are few things in the world as pathetic as a pro athlete who doesn’t know when to hang it up gracefully. And if the above rumors about his latest comeback are true, God knows that Favre is living proof of this credo.

PS (5-8-09): According to the Booyah Network yesterday, Brett Favre has been in contact with Minnesota Vikings management, and informed them that he is not interested in un-retiring to join the team this year. However, Favre told the Packers the very same thing at this time last year before pulling a 180 at the last minute, so I'll believe that Favre is really retired when I see it.

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