Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Angel of Death

Dick Cheney is a truly baffling man.

After eight years as a virtual ghost under George W. Bush, he seemingly thinks that he is still in high office, and—even stranger—that 99% of Americans give a damn about Cheney’s crusty, ultra-authoritarian tone or that of his equally sour daughter Liz.

Yes, the man has a right to his opinion. I just wonder why anyone is still listening, most of all the media.

But worst of all, Cheney truly seems to be loitering in the national security spotlight as if waiting for another 9-11-style terrorist attack to hit American shores during Obama's watch--never mind that 9-11 itself occurred on Cheney's shift--and validate what he sees as an unappreciated legacy.

Either way, the former VP's tone since November is so Machiavellian that it's striking (in a genuinely disturbing way).

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