Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chilly Withdrawal

Well, it's over.

Despite my predictions to the contrary, the Blackhawks fell last night in five games to the Detroit Red Wings who again won the Western Conference Campbell Trophy. However, to say the progress the Hawks have made in the past two years (going from the NHL's basement to the doorstep of the Stanley Cup) has been incredible is an understatement.

And personally, I'm already looking forward to next season beginning like...tomorrow, which is odd for me as I've been a lifetime baseball fan, and right now don't care a lot about the game, or at least not as long as the MLB's utterly spineless Bud Selig is league commissioner. All I want to know now is how the Hawks will resign Khabibulin and Havlat, and dispose of their dead wood (Campbell) in an upcoming trade.

Truly, my heart has turned to freon and ice, and it couldn't possibly feel better.

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