Monday, May 25, 2009

Nothing To See Here

Several people have been inquiring about my job situation (as in finding a new one since being laid off three weeks ago), and thus far, it's been fairly quiet.

I am collecting unemployment, and have a part-time gig to help bring in extra bucks (not to mention give my week some kind of structure, which is mentally important), but despite inquiring into several online job postings, there isn't much to talk about regarding new prospects. Yahoo News reported today that over 14,000 people lost their jobs in the Chicago area in the 1Q of 2009, ranking just behind the always struggling city of Detroit in terms of layoffs. For me, that can't be good. However, my job skills are nichey, and something has always surfaced in the past during spates of unemployment, usually in a sudden way.

For now, I'm able to cover basic expenses (mortgage, car, etc) after receiving an inheritance shortly after my job loss that enabled me to kill off several nagging bills. Had that not happened, I'd be in serious trouble right now. So all things considered, I feel pretty decent about where I am for the moment.

But this said, I'm expecting this period of joblessness to last a while, probably longer than my personal record for being out of work after a full-time job cut (ten weeks in 2003) since my professional working career began in 1997.

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