Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tammany Hall Redux

Generally, I pay little attention to state or local politics – but today’s arrest of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich (D) on Federal corruption charges (including auctioning off Barack Obama’s former Senate seat, and threatening to withhold $8M in state funds from Children’s Memorial Hospital unless its president coughed up a $50K campaign contribution) is beyond the pale.

One can only hope that Blagojevich resigns immediately, but considering his galactic level of arrogance, I doubt that’s coming. Even so, he easily stands to become Illinois' second consecutive chief exec (former GOP Gov. George Ryan being the first) to be sent up the river.

Maybe the state’s next guv will make it a three-peat.


Sarospice said...

No, instead he goes to work the next day like it's just another day in Chicago politics. Oy!

CHV said...

Well, one way or another Blago is headed toward a massive fall - be it by impeachment, Federal conviction, or both.

I do feel sorry for his small kids, though.