Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Merry New Year

In a matter of hours another year will be upon us. It’s startling how fast they go by, or is it just my oddball senses of perception?

In retrospect, I am extremely grateful for the election of Barack Obama, as another four years of Republican rule would have no doubt continued turning the nation right, likely under the watch of President Sarah Palin (shudder) because while I wish him the best, I still have deep reservations about John McCain’s health.

Yet then again, with his track record of having more heart attacks that the average Chicagoan, who’d a thunk Dick Cheney would still be alive after his two terms?

I guess Satan really does keep his word sometimes.

Otherwise, I’m content to leave 2008 behind and hope that ’09 is better – especially with the economy currently orbiting the Ninth Circle of Hell.

Finally, will be spending part of New Year’s Day at Mark’s tomorrow watching the Winter Classic outdoor game between the Hawks and Red Wings.

Here’s hoping the outcome is better than the 4-0 whoopin’ the boys took in Detroit last night. And on the heels of a nine-game win streak, no less; for some reason, the Hawks looked positively lost on the ice.

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