Saturday, December 20, 2008

Storming The Gates

Why does this story evoke a mental image of a pack of devout Puritans marching up the steps of the California Supreme Court, armed with Bibles in one hand and torches and/or pitchforks in the other?

Plus, that none other than Ken Starr is leading the legal charge to nullify all gay marriage in CA makes me sicker to boot. Why do I get the feeling that he is the reincarnation of Judge Hathorne, or a 15th century Spanish inquisitor?

For the record, my own take on gay marriage in any state is strictly libertarian – that is to say, I don’t care if two men or women are legally wed. It’s none of my business, and has zero impact on my life nor that of American society on every practical level.

Further, what’s the difference if two unmarried same-sex persons live together (which few seem to have an issue with) today, and then live under the same roof tomorrow under a recognized legal marriage?

What has changed other than a social classification?

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