Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bad Spirits

Today in Springfield (IL), an attorney for soon-to-be ex and imprisoned state governor Rod Blagojevich asked a state House panel to cover his client’s legal bills in mounting his defense versus impeachment.

Let me say that again: Blagojevich wants Illinois taxpayers to fund his defense for committing fraud against the same.

Jesus, that’s so mind blowingly…what? Arrogant? Stupid? Narcissistic? Delusional?

There are so many adjectives to describe the governor’s current mindset, and none of them fall within the scope of sanity.

Maybe he’s possessed.

But what’s even more baffling is that Blagojevich apparently still has no plans to resign, and is happy to put himself (and the state) through the ordeal of an impeachment – something for which Blago should have an extra 10-12 years in stir added to his inevitable jail sentence just on pure principle.

Otherwise, on a semi-related note (the connection being mental derangement) it dawned on me earlier today that Ann Coulter is a banshee.

A real one.

Think about it: she’s deathly thin, has sunken eyes, long flaxen hair, a repulsive personality, and is known for emitting an incredibly irritating sound whenever she opens her yap.

Am I right or no?

Time for an exorcism.

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