Monday, December 22, 2008


I’m ashamed to say that the following photo was taken in a shoplifting incident this past weekend at a local Walgreen’s in which I was caught stealing three bottles of saw palmetto extract, a lead-filled Chinese teddy bear, and a discount bottle of skin cream.

The photo was taken by store security as a record for the police, and to add to Walgreen’s store security network to prevent me from entering any other store.

The local police were then called, and I posted $100 bond pending a court date to be scheduled this March.

I deeply regret my actions, and apologize for any embarrassment this incident may have caused my family.

Actually, none of the sordid tale of crime above is true. The shot in question was, in fact, taken in a Walgreen’s by a store employee last weekend, but the paper I’m holding is a code number I needed to retrieve my MySpace password (which I accidently deleted) and confirm my identity with the website's admin crew. Pretty silly, I admit. But I thought using the made-up crime story with the pic would sound so much more nefarious
than the truth.

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Sarospice said...

and here i thought I was getting saw palmetto extract for christmas!