Thursday, August 7, 2008

Welcome To Dick Cheney's America

Although I don’t live in the Maryland area, the following story about a botched SWAT drug raid on the home of Cheye Calvo, mayor of Berwyn Heights, last week reads like a horror tale of police powers run amok…or in the case of Dick Cheney, what he no doubt dreams blissfully of every night.

Right off, this incident is extremely disturbing—beyond the fact that Mr. Calvo’s two dogs were needlessly shot by the cops--in the following ways: a) Isn’t the cops shadowing an unknown bag to an address (the mayor’s wife picked up the package left by police on her doorstep), and then rushing in with guns blazing on possession charges entrapment (plus, we’re talking pot here; not heroin or meth); b) Who was the lobotomized judge who signed off on the county’s no-knock warrant, and finally; c) Did anyone at the Prince George’s County Sheriff’s Office bother to question whether this might be a bogus tip?

Of course, city mayors can be involved in drug possession (hello, Marion Berry), but using this walking abortion of police powers to make the case?

Here’s hoping Mr. Calvo sues the living shit out of Prince George’s County in civil court.

Hell, I’ll even donate a few bucks to his legal fund.

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