Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Prodigal Cheesehead Returns

Just got a call from my brother Scott, who—if you haven’t been reading this blog regularly—works as a news/sports cameraman for the CBS-TV affiliate in Milwaukee.

He was calling from the airport in Green Bay (along with what Scott called “about a hundred mouth-breathing troglodytes”) where Brett Favre—now reinstated by the NFL—was due to triumphantly arrive to report to Packers training camp after abruptly reversing his decision to retire last month.

Once again, I’m not a Packer fan, nor am I much of an NFL fan in general anymore.

But I can only imagine how furious Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers is right now after sitting in Favre’s shadow for two years as a backup, only to see his opportunity to start in 2008 revoked due to Favre’s cheap selfishness.

Yes, technically, no one has the Packers’ starting QB job now (the team has suggested an “open tryout”), but barring a surprise trade, one has to assume that Favre will easily get his old job back.

Were I Aaron Rodgers, I would be doing one thing at this moment: packing my stuff into my car, and leaving camp before sunset while notifying my agent that the Packers are free to trade me at any time.

Both Favre and the Packers organization have totally screwed him, and it’s extremely unfair.

End of line.

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