Sunday, August 24, 2008

Crazy Bitches, Part III

The McCain camp released the following ad (called "Passed Over") last night reaching out to Hillary zealots enraged by Obama's decision to tap Senator Joe Biden as his VP, and not her. Yet the ironic thing is that McCain's people also admitted to having had another ad in reserve condemning Obama if he had, in fact, picked Hillary in a surprise move.

I'll give McCain's media handlers credit for this ad in that it seeks to fuel the paranoia of the "Save Hillary" morons out there. But in the long haul, I think it'll make zero difference in the final vote.

Finally, McCain had best beware of posting too many ads of Biden citing concerns over Obama's lack of experience during this past primary season, especially if he picks Mitt Romney as his running mate. Back when they were competing against each other on the GOP side, McCain and Romney nipped at each other like a couple of rabid poodles (with McCain calling Romney "phony" in one ad), providing a wealth of clips for Obama's people to use.

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