Thursday, August 28, 2008

Down The Memory Hole, or Stranger Than Fiction

Thanks to Ed at DFTCW for the following snippet (via The Denver Post) on what some have nicknamed the GOP's political war room set up during the DNC's convention.

In an alley behind a non-descript row of brick buildings on North Speer Boulevard, and on the other side of a large metal gate with armed guards standing in front, Republicans have set up a "war room" in Denver...

Republican National Committee Chairman Mike Duncan said the team of nearly two dozen staffers at the opposition headquarters will be "fact-checking" statements made by the Obama campaign and by speakers during the convention.

"Just consider this the Ministry of Truth," quipped Dick Wadhams, chairman of the Colorado Republican Party.

Wow, these people are either evil incarnate, or ignorant beyond words.

Either way, were George Orwell alive today, he'd be breaking into a cold sweat after reading the above, or fall off his chair laughing.

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