Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Kid Does Deutschland

Although nothing is set in stone, there’s a decent chance I’ll be traveling to Europe (specifically: Munich, Germany) for the first time this November for a job-related meeting.

I’d be out for a week, and though I’m told the work involved would be “challenging” (which is corporate-code for ”a pain in the ass no one else wants to deal with”), the prospect of going anywhere new excites me to no end.

It’s something I live for.

In fact, if there’s one dream I consistently have it’s of going to foreign places, and wandering town squares, ornate cathedrals, beaches, shopping malls, and other cultural spots.

But assuming I’m going to der Fatherland in three months, I’d better start boning up on my common phrases to best interact with the natives (e.g. “Sprechen ze train station?, “Vill you fondle mine buttocks?” et al.)

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