Sunday, July 26, 2009

Seeya Guv

Today marked the final day as Alaska governor for Sarah Palin, and many journalists are speculating what her next move is.

As stated before here, I still think Palin's intent is to make her book deal payday, pay her legal bills, and shore up her new PAC in Virginia. As for the odds of her running for the GOP nomination in 2012, although anything is possible, the greatest (and perhaps ultimately fatal) obstacle for Palin in the pursuit of that goal is her sudden resignation as governor.

After all, if Palin could not fulfill her duties as governor of a state with a population totaling one-third that of Los Angeles, how the hell could she possibly cut it as president?

My call? Sarah Palin's political future (as a potential office holder) is nil, but I expect her to be as outspoken as ever about her political beliefs - something that may backfire on Palin hard, as her misadventures on the '08 campaign trail demonstrated.

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