Thursday, July 16, 2009

Odin's Beard!

Just saw an episode of the History Channel series "Gangland" in regards to a minor history of Aryan prison gangs in the region of Texas and Louisiana.

Among these gangs, it was said by both former and current members that a common religion practiced by some is Odinism - that is, the modern-day worship of ancient Norse gods such as Odin and Thor for their "pure" warrior culture, and belief that going out in a blaze of glory (e.g. in the commission of a crime, fighting the police) will reward believers with a trip to Valhalla for their divine reward.

No, I mean it. I'm not joking. Does anyone wonder if Hogun the Grim and Beta Ray Bill are among the admired too?

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Anonymous said...

They were using my name in vain!