Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It Bears Repeating

I realize that everyone's gotta make a buck, but if I wanted to see a bunch of pro wrestlers at a comic con, I’d go to a WWE event or similar hoe-down.

If this kind of programming is what we can expect to see in future Wizard Cons (Chicago), I'd just assume make this year my last.


Mike Rende said...

The wrestlers are there every year. They usually seem so lonely though as the foot traffic at the Con just isn't that interested in them. As long as the wrestling ring is missing this year, I'll be happy.

CHV said...

I know the wrestlers have been there for a while, but usually strictly as minor side attractions.

At this year's WizCon in Chicago, though, there are quite a few more and are being hyped by Wizard World as a main attraction.

I've never seen that before (e.g. Roddy Piper being given as much promotional ink for a con as Jim Lee or Alex Ross).