Friday, September 5, 2008

Let's Do The Time Warp Again

Was chatting today with a woman (named Lisa) about the election on a Christian blog, and she told me about something which surprised me, but didn't shock me either.

Lisa said her mother-in-law (and other middle-aged Christian women she knows) does not to vote because she subscribes to a "neo-Amish" (her word, not mine) ultra-conservative belief that says the man of the house votes for the household, and no one else. Lisa added these women actually support their lack of vote, and feel all Christian women should follow suit vis-à-vis a patriarchal authority from God.

However, a bit more disturbingly, Lisa noted that this same sub-culture also feels that no women or blacks should be allowed to hold office.

Thus, I guess Barack Obama can write off any support from the "neo-Amish" voting bloc this year.

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