Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Leeloo Dallas, Multi-Pass

With my passport application filed today, I’ll soon be legal for my business trip to Germany in seven weeks.

And as I’ll have an open day to explore Munich, I’ve done some advanced scouting via Frommer's to plan an itinerary of sites I want to check out. My basic plan is to take a train downtown, and use Marienplatz as a jumping-off point to make a big circle. I’ll use public markets for meals; they’re a cheaper food source than Munich restaurants (or so I’ve read), plus the authenticity is unbeatable.

Lucky for me, I love goulash and spaetzle.

I’d like to visit Dauchau (which my grandfather helped liberate with US troops in 1945), but won’t have time this trip. Chances are, however, I’ll return to Munich next spring for another business jaunt, at which time I’ll see the camp, or perhaps take a day tour of Bavarian castles.

But we’ll see about that.

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