Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Bloom Is Definately Off The Rose

The footage above was taken last night outside a Philadelphia pub where Sarah Palin had stopped in to view the first presidential debate on TV.

Yikes. The only things missing from the crowd are pitchforks and torches.

Elsewhere, via Ed Schultz and HuffPo, there are rumblings on the interwebs today that Palin was recently put through a mock debate and press conference by Team McCain, and did horribly in both -- prompting some to begin guesstimating when Palin will resign as McCain’s running mate for “family reasons.”

(If so, Palin were to drop out, it would have to be very soon so her replacement (some say Rudy Guliani, who was with McCain last night) could take over in time to debate Joe Biden on Thursday. Also, bear in mind that Tina Fey is supposed to be on SNL tonight doing another Palin sketch; even money says it will be one mocking her interview with Katie Couric.)

But all nuttiness aside, I’m taking these Palin-to-resign rumors with a block of salt – yet also I can’t imagine that McCain’s staff isn’t very concerned about her ability to cope with the world beyond Alaska. So far, with the exception of St. Paul—which featured her reading a canned speech—Palin's post-convention performance has been dismal.

Either way, barring any sudden news out of Team McCain between now and next Thursday, I still expect Palin will be in St. Louis next week, and perform well versus Biden. Yes, Palin may be in over her head, but I’m not going to make the mistake of underestimating her.

And unless they are very stupid—and it doesn’t look like it--neither will Biden and Obama.

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