Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jerry Falwell Dies; GOP Panics

As is being reported by major news networks now, “Moral Majority” founder, the Reverend Jerry Falwell was found unconscious in his Virginia office this morning, and later pronounced dead (or “extremely sleepy”) at an area hospital.

Although I had nothing serious against Falwell or his bizarre, right-wing politics, if anything, the impact of his death on the Republican Party will be interesting in that it gives them one less person on the religious right to suck up to come election time.

I’ll bet Mitt Romney and John McCain are scrambling right now…but ten bucks says Bush has a front-row seat (fiddling with his I-Pod) at Falwell's funeral.

Note: Click here for an interesting piece on Falwell’s impact on American politics (or lack thereof) by Newsweek’s Johnny Alter.