Monday, May 21, 2007

Baseball & Swiss

Yesterday, my brother and I embarked on our third annual trip to Miller Park in Milwaukee to take in a Brewers game.

The team they play doesn’t really matter (for the record, however, MIL beat MIN 6-5, avoiding a dreaded sweep). We just like the park’s atmosphere (wide concourses, good layout, plus a stop at Mars Cheese Castle on the way home), in addition to the Brew Crew being our second favorite MLB team.

Each year we also enjoy bitching how team mascot Bernie Brewer’s home run celebration has been sanitized for Miller Park; at the Brewers’ former park, Milwaukee County Stadium, Bernie (clad in leiderhosen) would pop out of a chalet whenever a Brewer player knocked a homer, and happily slide into a giant, frosty (and fake) mug of beer.

These days, however, Bernie only does the slide, and lamely waves a team flag on a platform.

Pretty weak, if you ask me. But I’m a traditionalist.

Bernie: Dancin' in The Suds

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